Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ahh...2010....welcome, I've been (trying not to be) expecting you.

Every so often (usually around December 29th) I begin to long for a new year. Fortunately (?), one is always provided a few days later. I always tell myself not to have expectations for the new year, but really whenever you get something NEW you always have expectations. Fair or not, they exist. You expect your new clothes to be clean, that new book to be a great read, the new movie to awesome, that ever-so-satisfying new car smell.

I really want to try not to put any expectations on 2010. I'd rather try to view it as an unexpected gift. The kind where you really have no clue what could be inside, but it really doesn't matter because you're so happy to have received it at all.

Of course there are certain events I know this year will hold...a 4th birthday, a 6th birthday, a 33rd birthday (ick, 33). And there are events to anticipate...the completion of Kindergarten, the first day of Pre-K and 1st grade, a wedding for a "little boy", a vacation to a "happiest place". I await each of these exciting (well, not the 33rd birthday) things - but can I have no expectations for them? I don't think I can.

For me, 2009 was the "Year of Whatever Works". You know: "Is this best?" "Who knows, but it seems to be working." My resolution at the beginning of 2009 was: "Grace in all things". I think I managed ok, but I am still striving to be a more gracious person. Perhaps if I keep the lessons of 2009 in mind, I can make it through 2010 without having whatever expectations I do have dashed.